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Our Classes

Creative Arts Dance Academy puts its dancers and their families first! We foster a healthy balance between striving for excellence and enjoying the process. Our goal is to have a positive impact by encouraging our dancers to work hard, be their best, and have fun! We know that there is a delicate balance between discipline and fun, and feel that it is important to maintain that balance in classes and performances to help our dancers thrive! We strongly believe in age appropriateness for youngsters in dance movement, physical training, music, and costuming.

It is our goal to include all students in a space where they can feel special, important, and confident while making lifelong friendships and developing a love for dance. We cater to the once-a-week dancer as well as to the serious-minded student. We offer dance classes for kids of all ages and abilities. We feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to dance and perform. Join our dance family!

For parents brand new to dance, we make registration simple so that your little one can jump right in! Our infant through kindergarten classes shape locomotor skills, stimulate creativity, and build confidence!

In our elementary-age classes, students begin to focus on technique, performance quality, and team building as they grow their appreciation for the art of dance!

Students in our teen classes learn to refine their movements, explore new styles, and tackle more advanced steps in a supportive environment that focuses on building dancers up!


Try it free

If you aren't ready to commit to a full year of classes just yet, we offer a free trial class! Once you choose the class your dancer would like to try and fill out the registration form below, we'll contact you through email to arrange a date that works for you!


Thank you for your registration! We will be in contact shortly to schedule your trial class!

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